How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website


MAR | 2016

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the best traffic for your blog and business, as it sends you most targeted traffic. The best of profitable visitors which you can get to your website is from Organic search results. Organic traffic is free traffic originating from search engines such as Google. It is the best traffic to receive because it means your website is actually being visited by people interested in your service or product.

  • Participate in social media

  • Whether you use Facebook, Google+, Twitter or even Pinterest, is entirely up to you. You can use these or more social networks to increase organic traffic to your website. Share the updated news to internet world using these social networks.

  • Increase your traffic by link building

  • More links to your website from reputed sites is favorable in Google’s eye. Guest blogging is a great way to build links. This is because you’re embedding a link, which links back to your site, within the blog post.

  • Submit to link directories

  • Link directories such as Google and can generate some traffic to your domain. If you have a blog, submit it to blog directories. You want to be more careful if you are using ecommerce development website in link submission, because if the directory is not a reputed, Google will lower your ranking.

  • Keep your websites content fresh and Make traffic revisit

  • When the content of your website updated regularly, search engines take this a good step towards targeting visitors to your website; thus, causing your website to become indexed. In return, you will see higher rankings.