How To Convert PSD to WordPress in Five Simple Steps


JAN | 2017

How To Convert PSD To WordPress in five simple steps

For WordPress website development, PSD to WordPress conversion plays a major role. Here is a step by step guideline to integrate your PSD files into a stunning and functional WordPress theme and then you have to decide whether you can do it on your own or need a professional WordPress developer. So check out these 5 steps and take advantage of the most popular CMS of present times.

Examine your PSD files carefully

To start with PSD to WordPress conversion it is very essential that you plan and scrutinize your conversion procedure. It is very important to check the entire PSD file to confirm whether its is a simple or complicated file. Without scrutinizing and planning the conversion procedure one cannot create a stunning WordPress website.

Division or Slicing the PSD

This is an essential step of PSD to WordPress theme conversion. Slicing PSD into several parts makes your HTML markup very simple. To slice the PSD file the designer uses image editing tool like Photoshop and the coder insert and remove the text boxes and links. Slicing the PSD creates different divisions for the header, footer etc and coder changes the background, images, and colors and saves the file in JPEG, GIF format. You should create separate files index.html for HTML codes, style.css for CSS styling, index, PHP for PHP codes.

Convert PSD to HTML/ CSS For World Wide Web

After slicing the developer code each image into HTML/XHTML to make these images compatible with World Wide Web. Using the service from a professional coder helps to create semantic codes and result in a higher ranking on SERPs.

Integrate the files into WordPress

Integration of HTML and CSS files into WordPress helps the user to take advantage of the most popular and powerful CMS around the globe. Integrating PSD into WordPress is a very easy step as WordPress automatically creates directories and subdirectories once you integrate these files using the WordPress admin area.

Test your WordPress theme in browsers

To make sure that your website will attain success it is very essential that it is compatible with all the major browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome etc. so please check whether the WordPress theme is cross-browser compatible or not.