How to Build Profitable Adsense Blogs with WordPress


NOV | 2016

adsense blogs with wordpress

The WordPress platform is free to use and there are hundreds of free high-quality WordPress templates (called Themes) available if you look around the web. The first thing you will want to do is take some time and pick a list of ten or more different niche topics that you find at least mildly interesting and that you feel you can write about.

How can you tell if a topic is a good match for the Adsense program? You should do a search in Google for your main keyword and look to the right of your screen at the sponsored link box. At the bottom of that box, if there are enough advertisers to make it a worthwhile topic to write about, you will see a link that says 'More Sponsored Links.' On the page, you land on look to the bottom and see how many pages there are of sponsored listings related to your main keyword. If there are three or more pages then this should be a good topic, and if there is not it does not necessarily mean that you have chosen a bad topic but it does mean that the ads that will show up on your site might not be relevant.

Installing WordPress and Setting Up Your Adsense Blogs

After you have chosen your list of topics to create blogs about you will need to register a domain name for each blog. In your hosting account, you will want to configure the domain names and set the name servers in your registrar to point to the servers where your blogs are to be hosted.

Many of today's web hosts have a collection of quick-install software and WordPress is usually on this list, however, if you do a quick install then you might not be using the most recent version of the WordPress software. It is not hard to do a manual WordPress install, which means that you will want to download the software from the WordPress site and upload it to each of your domain names using FTP software. You will need to set up MySQL databases for each of your blogs which are easy to do, and you will likely want to create a single user name with administrative rights that you can use for each blog.

Turning Your Blogs into a Business

Adding Adsense to a WordPress blog is different than adding it to a regular HTML website. You will be working with a small piece of software called a plug-in rather than uploading the code yourself. But before you even think of doing this, there are a few other things you will want to focus on to make your blogs as profitable as possible.

To make your blogs popular and 'sticky' you will need unique content, but when you are just starting out it will be fine for you to use a handful of reprint articles for each blog. Post these articles and then get to work locating a unique theme for each blog that looks good and is relevant to your main topic.

Coming back to the big picture, to make this into a profitable business you need to think long-term and so you will want to get your blogs ranked in the search engines before you add any scripts like Adsense. This means sacrificing a few weeks of just work and no earnings, but it will pay off handsomely because when you do finally add the Adsense code to your blogs it will jump right from zero to $100 per day or more.