How to Build a Mobile Responsive Website with WordPress


NOV | 2016

Mobile Responsive Website with WordPress

With the increasing number of mobile devices like laptop, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, there is an increasing need for mobile friendly websites. The number of people that access the Internet from a mobile device has rapidly increased in the past few years. Therefore, to tap the online market to its full potential and to increase your website's traffic significantly you need to have an attractive responsive WordPress website that looks great on any device.

With the increasing need of Responsive WordPress websites, the webmasters have to take up the initiative to make their websites mobile responsive to keep up with the trend. Initially, you may be a little hesitant and think that only professional developers can handle such complicated process. But don't hesitate to adopt this new tech and take the action, to help you in this endeavor here are few pointers that can help you to create a superb and user-friendly responsive WordPress website:

In-depth Research

Before making your WordPress website responsive it's better that you do some online research for WordPress themes that are responsive to mobile devices. As WordPress is available with several responsive themes it's better that you choose your theme wisely. Pick a unique and customized responsive WordPress theme to create a difference in your project.

Focus on the layout

To design a superb responsive WordPress website your first priority must be developing an effective layout of the page. As many people are using several mobile devices to browse through your website's content, therefore you must develop a layout that can modify itself according to various devices and the content must be managed properly so that it can be compatible with various screen sizes.

Proper arrangement of Widgets

It's quite important that your responsive WordPress website can be properly displayed on the mobile devices along with all the widgets. Though it is very difficult to add all the widgets on the small screen of mobile devices but with proper arrangement of widgets, it is possible.

Touch friendly website

Majorly the mobile users are using various touch screen devices to browse through websites. So before designing the responsive WordPress website you must consider that browsing website with a mouse is totally different than browsing through fingers. The menu buttons must be properly spaced to improve the user experience. The size of fonts should be also adjusted according to the device so that users and visitors can navigate through your website in a hassle free manner.