How blogging helps to rank better in Search Engines


JAN | 2015

Blogging benefits

Temptation for not to blog will arise if you have small audience just because you will have a feeling that there is no one to read. Blogging is a platform that helps your site in SEO terms even though you don’t break new ground. This is true especially when you have created content that the audience want to link on. Blogging platform helps you to increase the number of pages of your website. This leads to increase the internal links that points to the homepage.

It is much better to have links from other websites than the internal links even though it plays a good role. The page rankings of our site will be improved if the article of our site gets shared on the social media and other sites. Audience will be much interested if you generate links other than from your product pages. It will be much easier to climb up if the contents you created have more generated more links back to your site. And that itself will help you to climb up in the search engines.

Regular blog usually shows that your site gets updated. Search engines are pretty much interested in tracking these changes. Each and every new page shows that your site is getting updated and is very active. Google rewards us in this by ranking the website highly.

Another interesting feature of blogging is that it gives us a chance in ranking more phrases of keyword. This is because it will help you to create content of the keywords that you focus. If your blog post is linking any other product page then that page will be benefited if a person links to the post. Here we give ourselves a better opportunity in creating a strong and good internal links including heavy and rich anchor text which links your product pages.