Features that Makes WordPress Popular


SEP | 2016

wordpress features

In past few years, WordPress has grown from a blogging tool to a great content management system. Today, more than 76.8 million websites are using WordPress, including some of the world's biggest brands. WordPress is one of the most powerful semantic publishing platforms, and it comes with an excellent set of features that make your experience as easy, appealing and pleasant as possible.


Millions of people are using WordPress and almost every day a new person is going to join WordPress community either by creating blogs & website or something else. The reason people quickly adapt WordPress is because it is easy & simple to learn and use.


All the latest themes and WordPress versions work on all platforms including Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. Also, WordPress works well in all browsers.

Eye-catching theme

Theme is responsible for the entire look of the website. To install a WordPress theme is easy and needs only a few clicks. Whatever the purpose of your website, there is a theme that suits on your website. Just pick up the theme among the plenty of the themes.

Don't worry; if you are not getting the perfect theme because you have an option of customization! Almost all the themes have own options panel that allows you to change background & color, create beautiful sliders, and upload a logo and much more without changing the code.

Superb plugins

Whether you want to add a photo gallery, create a form or enhance security! There is a plugin. Use those plugins to boost the functionality of your website. Again, few minutes & clicks are enough for downloading, installing and configuring. You can also customize the plugin to fulfill more specific requirements.


Today, WordPress is the most SEO friendly content management system. Also, WordPress can generate search-friendly URLS. In the additions, WordPress have plenty of plugins that maintains SEO discipline.

The head of Google's webspam team says that WordPress is an excellence choice, as it takes care of 85-93% of the mechanics of search engine optimization for you.

Keep Yourself Up To Date

WordPress comes with built-in updater that offers you to update your themes & plugins from WordPress admin dashboard. Updater also notifies, when there is a new version of WordPress, so you can update anything by just clicking a button. Also with the help of WordPress Backups, you can keep the entire content safe.

Handles Numbers of Media Types

Using WordPress, you are not limited to writing text. It has built-in support to handle video content, audio, and images. WordPress also supports oEmbed enabled web sites that mean you can embed tweets, YouTube, videos and Instagram photos by pasting the URL in your post.

All In One support

WordPress is such a beautiful platform that opens lots of possibilities. You can use WordPress in blog, arcade, gallery, shopping store, portfolio, rating website, video collection website, membership website.

Multi language

WordPress is available in 70+ languages. By default, WordPress displays in U.S. English. WordPress support many languages other than English. You can also create multilingual blogs with the help of plugins.

Whether you are going to make a website or a blog, WordPress is the hands down the best platform; you can have! The excellent part of WordPress is that it is easy to use and flexible enough. Also, you can use WordPress for making e-commerce to online portfolio websites.

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