Features of Wordpress


APR | 2015

wordpress features

Wordpress one of the most popular CMS and blogging software is been here since 2003. It is also popular for having thousands of plugins and has been modernised with content management software for websites of non-blogging. Wordpress development is an open source application and is the first and the foremost choice for most of the bloggers. This is also one of the popular platform which is used for designing and making simple websites.

Here we have provided with some of the major advantages or the reasons why people choose wordpress for creating their company’s website. You can view and download the CMS at www.wordpress.org.

  • Ease of use

  • Wordpress is an open source platform that does not require the knowledge of PHP or HTML like we have to know in Drupal, Joomla etc. If a plugin and a template function are already installed then the installation procedure will be much simpler. This is one of the best procedures for the beginners.

  • Availability of plugins

  • Having thousands of plugins on the website, wordpress is considered as a CMS and not just a blogging spot. We get strong and large majority of plugins.

  • Menu Management

  • For including categories, pages etc the wordpress menu management tool have extended the overall functionalities.

  • Community of Users

  • There should be large availability of the community users. This is mainly for having a useful support who will take part in the discussion board actively.

  • Template availability

  • Want to get a new look for your website? This can help you in a broad way. On the home page of script you can view thousands of exciting graphic templates. There are both paid as well as free templates. The paid ones will be more advanced and also will be more interesting than free ones