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Fashion blogging is another face of the fashion industry and now it became a competitive field. Many bloggers have become experts in this industry and more influencers for the fashion lovers. If you are going to start a fashion blog then here are some keys to start, First, you can choose any name for the blog and you can write about what you like but, you want to get a clear idea about who you are and what you want to represent. It's all up to you and you can decide about it. The next factor is, if you are going to do a free blog then you can choose google’s blogger platform or since it offers customizations in CSS, HTML, jquery and javascript.

The very next option is WordPress because WordPress platform gives a good back end for fashion blogger and to manage their articles without any hassle. WordPress gives you the best collection of plugins and templates for your requirements. It is also easy to integrate an online store into your blog.


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  • Domain - First you want to find a domain for your website.
  • Webhost – Next you want to buy a server to upload your website.
  • Install your WordPress on your server and go to to enter the back end of the WordPress.

These are the main things required to setting up a fashion blog. You can easily create or edit or delete the posts from your website through WordPress back-end. The next thing is to design your fashion blog, If you are using blogger, then many blogger templates are available and you can just customize your blogger by changing the sitemap. If you are using WordPress, then you want to select a theme that suits you. There are many WordPress themes that available for fashion bloggers in WordPress. You want to install the selected theme and you can customize the theme in your own way.

Welcome readers to your fashion world, readers do not visit a fashion blog just to check what the bloggers are wearing. They are looking for complete fashion experience by receiving knowledge about what they should wear and why. People like to imagine themselves to be the part of fashion trends. Try to engage readers with good write ups and it's very true that nice and attractive photographs are one of the key factors to bring traffic to your fashion blog. At the same time, your blog should maintain quality content. Most of the readers like to see in fashion blog how an ordinary person dress and advises about what to wear and not to.

Do not suggest people buying expensive products, buying expensive brands clothes, accessories, bags and shoes that cannot afford by a large number of people. Bloggers can bridge the gap by showcasing low-budget fashion products for the readers. The image is considered as the heart of fashion blogs, high-quality images are the success of a fashion blog. So it is very important to choose right kind of photograph for the blog. All the readers will look at what they are being suggested to wear. Only professionally taken photographs will help them to visualize themselves in such clothes. Once readers get inspired on your blog they will keep following you otherwise they won’t come back to your fashion blog.

Bloggers have to make readers believe that they can look fashionable even in low budget clothes. Try to convince them that there is no need to burn a hole in their pocket to look fashionable. It is all comes in confidence and attitude.


There are a variety of reasons to start the best fashion blog, but the best reason is simply because you are a passionate lover of fashion. And the other reasons are described below.

  • Reason #1: It’s fun

By starting a fashion blog not only do you get to share videos, photos and write about fashion, but you get to connect with the other people who share your interests. Communication is at the heart of fashion blogging, so readers may leave comments on your blog posts. By responding to their comments you can build a sense of community on your fashion blog, which will allow you to develop relationships and understand what types of things your readers would like for you to post about.

  • Reason #2: Get noticed

As you grow your blog and build up a following you will have the opportunity to network with other popular fashion bloggers. This not only lets you meet new people with similar interests, but it also opens the door for publicity. If you have a great fashion blog and put in some time into networking with other fashion bloggers you can develop your blog readership and potentially become a fashion blogging celebrity.

  • Reason #3: The money

Even if you don’t start your own blog for the purpose of making money, it’s nice to know that fashion can be a very profitable area. To start with, there are a lot of people around the world looking for fashion, beauty and style information online, so your potential audience is enormous. Combine that with the fact that the fashion industry is quite profitable, and you have a “perfect storm” for making money from something you love to do.


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If fashion is your passion, and you are willing to put in the work, a fashion blog is a hugely enjoyable way to get involved in one the most lucrative industries on the planet. Many fashion bloggers have become hugely influential in their own right, becoming style icons and brand ambassadors.

Blogging about what you love is just the perfect way for you to rave your passion while letting the world know it! If you think that your blog is unique, sometimes you will be right but it wants to be different to noticed by the world. To make blogging a successful one, now there are many technicalities there.

Blogging about fashion is not a new thing today and now you can see completely different fashionistas and fashion bloggers all over the world who have succeeded in their craft. Fashion blogs are personal, so be yourself. It is a reflection of not only of your style but of yourself. Start styling your appearance together today, whether your dressing in designer exquisiteness, we want to see what you wear. With the blogosphere being bigger than ever, you will need to ensure that the brand you create for yourself is unique and reflects you. Now let's see what are the steps needed to create your own fashion blog!


  • Domain Name and Hosting
  • Installing Wordpress
  • Finishing Touches (Choosing Your Theme)
  • Creating YOUR Brand
  • Keeping Your Content Unique & Interesting
  • Titles Matter
  • Choosing A Camera
  • Optimizing Your Brand


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Creating a fashion blog can be easiest and at the same time the toughest. Building heart to heart connection with readers is important. Fashion bloggers also can make money through proper marketing like what other bloggers do. But making money should not be the key focus. Many fashion bloggers are doing like so through advertisements of different fashion brands. It will weaken the relation between readers and blogger.

The possibilities of what you could offer your blog readers.

  • Fashion Consulting Services
  • Personal Styling
  • Photography
  • Fashion Blog Designing
  • Sponsored Reviews
  • Affiliate Marketing

Once your blog is monetized, you’ll need these pages in place:

  • A contact page
  • An about page
  • An earnings disclaimer
  • A privacy policy
  • Credits link or mention
  • A copyright or attribution

If you start earning money through any means, you are in business and you can deal with many formalities and you can expand your business to a wide area.


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Once your blog is monetized, you’ll need these pages in place:

  • Create a Facebook Page for your Blog

In Facebook page update all your post. Link to a Facebook page should be visible on every page on your blog then only readers can find it easily. When some like your Facebook page it shows up on their friends Facebook news feed. This way traffic will get create to your fashion blog.

  • Create a Twitter Profile

In Twitter profile share Facebook page link (post) not only that. Then interact with other people retweet other bloggers posts that you like. Even you can tweet another area also.

  • Create Facebook like button to your posts

This will work similar to a Facebook page if someone like your posts it will appear on their friend's news feed. Through that, many people get to see your fashion blog.

  • Post Comments on other blogs

Share your comments, bloggers really like this activity which shows you took the time to really take in our posts. If some leave you a great comment, give them an adequate response. Many get back for every comment they receive.

  • Write guest posts on other fashion blogs

Make it clear what kind of people you want to attract your fashion blog, and write a guest post for a blog with a similar audience. The blog where you write should have higher traffic than your blog.

  • Ask your followers to share your posts

Include social media buttons at the end of your posts which make readers easy to share. Through social sharing, your blog will get good traffic.

  • Post inspiring and original content

While writing a blog very much conscious about content and photos, it should be an original one. Your blog should have something interesting then only people start reading and share your posts. Only great content can attract people mind


advantages og fashion blogs

Dreams of many people are based on working under fashion as it is the trending topic of the season. Everyone dreams to work in the fashion world and being surrounded by so many designers, models, and beautiful clothes. Careers in the world of fashion have advantages. Here are lists of some advantages.

Advantages that this career fashion implies is that we can refer to the fact that a talented designer can have a huge success and gain a lot of money. This will permit to travel to many sides of the world and also take part in various fashion presentations of the best designers of the world. The bloggers have the possibility to travel all around the world and present accessories, hairstyles, clothes, and shoes for the well-known creators. Moreover, a good blogger can become popular when she appears on the front covers of different fashion magazines. She can be proposed to be the cover of different products, and she will receive a lot of money. Moreover from the financial advantages, working in the fashion industry offers pleasure, if one really enjoys what she does. As a fashion blogger, you only have to look real and allow others make you more beautiful for presentations. And they are also fond of their work.

People visit fashion blogs often and then scope for online shopping is readily enhanced. If you have a garment store or a boutique, the fashion blogs are easy ways of promoting the stock and merchandise. The teenagers also come to know much more about the current trends of fashion.

Fashion Blogging is becoming more popular these days and fashion is a favorite topic for most of the bloggers. Fashion may change a respectable measure and people may be upgraded with the new example through the fashion blogging. Updates through magazines and television are too slow. By the time the new trend and style reach popular magazines and television shows, a large number of people already know the latest trend through fashion blogging which is available worldwide. Popular and credible fashion blogs move to draw thousands and thousands of advertising revenue from fashion industries. Fashion truly has become a profitable blogging topic.

So on possible that you want to start a fashion blog; it is shrewd to grasp Wordpress too. In WordPress, there is a fashion theme available which is an added plug-in that has all the functions and features relevant to fashion related topics. Layout and color are very important as it can help your fashion blog appeal to its visitors. This theme makes use of light shades that will generally compliment shade inclines in the domain of fashion topics

This WordPress fashion theme will similarly show pictures and characteristics that can all possibility redesign your fashion blog. There also a lot of other functions available with this WordPress theme. There is additionally a great deal of other functions accessible with this WordPress theme. Added widgets and functions include the fashion example redesigns, latest fashion snitch, wellbeing change plans and even fashion amusements to enhance the customer experience. To know more about fashion trends, visit fashion trends

Fashionable accessories and apparel for men and women have started to influence the trends of real word fashion. Naturally, a lot of fashion lovers have turned to fashion blogging, needing to extend their reputation for being fashion aces. A lot of business wanders are set for fashion blogging to increase the presentation of their arrangements.

Above are the reasons why there have been a large number of newly developed fashion themes. Generally, most fashion enthusiasts have very good knowledge when it comes to aesthetics and designs that are why there are a lot of various designs in a fashion theme. Everything is carefully masterminded and finished. Everything is proposed to attract a visitor's tastes, from the text-based styles to the shade theme. You can even customize WordPress themes to make your own distinctive fashion blog.


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Running your very own fashion blog let you benefit in so many distinct ways. Not only do you get to write about a topic that is exciting, fun, and constantly changing, but you can also get the rewards of being connected to one of the most dynamic industries on the planet. Entering free jewelry giveaways and promotions or actually earning money through specialized marketing schemes, the determined fashion blogger can obtain so much through their webpage or blog while remaining on the top level of all the latest news from one of the world’s most vibrant areas.

First, by keeping in touch with a range of fashion stores, the smart blogger can then stay notified whenever a new promotion or competition is begun. Not only will they then have something more to write about on their site, but they will also be able to enter these types of jewelry giveaways and hopefully gain a free, stylish accessory in the process.

Second, the smart fashion blogger can earn a decent income by hooking up with a complete range of jewelry affiliate programs. These will connect their blog to some of the best online retailers in the business, allowing them to earn some additional money whenever one of their readers makes a purchase. Combined with a large enough fans base and content that is and relevant and interesting, the right affiliate programs can actually bring in quite a lot of money for the owner of that particular fashion blog. They are a simple way for the people to enhance their income through the Internet.

Lastly, writing for this industry let you stay on top of all of the latest developments that are happening around the world. The world of fashion accessories is constantly changing and by creating informative, useful articles on the subject, you will then be exposed to the latest details as they occur. This is one of the better ways to keep in trend with the latest news so that you can tailor your appearance to match whatever is trending that season. Embody the element of elegance, style and grace quite easily easy by commencing a career as an online fashion writer.

If all of this seems interesting, you will be glad to know that starting off as a fashion blogger is not that difficult. Since you already have a desire to write about the amazing world of fashion, you will then need to create your own blog or website. Fortunately, there are a number of free options available where you can start a professional looking blog regardless of your technical expertise. After this, it will simply be a matter of sitting and writing about the gossip, latest news, and products that emerge. If you do this well enough, you can then get many rewards that this exciting profession as a fashion blogger can bring.


  • Schedule blog posts in advance.
  • Stick to a possible schedule that won’t overwork you and is practical to your time constraints.
  • Keep your writing sessions, deadlines, other blog and business related events in one of the digital calendars like iCalendar, Google Calendar, or Outlook.

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