Essential ways to write an eCommerce Website Specification


JAN | 2015

eCommerce Specification

There are times you really consider for an eCommerce Website upgrade. Or even you look at taking these products online for first time. It is essential to think about all what you need. There are eCommerce website agencies that requests specification to list all what you try to achieve and the main constraints that you work on. Indicating an initial look, a feel and also a list full of features we begin a business sketching out solutions. Here we depict the necessary elements that you have included.

Stating the objectives

It mainly asks three questions

  • Need for a website

  • Outcomes that you have to achieve

  • Are they measurable?

This part includes explaining the background of our business that would help us to build certain circumstances around the objectives which will be helpful later on. You also have to list certain objectives that you aim to achieve.

Analysing competitors

Here you have to analyse your competitors, what do they create and their best side, who doesn’t do well etc. this could be one of the important constraint for you to beat them. Therefore a detailed look on your competitors and creating a list to include it in your specifications will do well.

Wireframes, look and feel

This is an optional one but will be useful. Here we have to convey a framework of your goal. Rough structure of wireframes and its sketch showing all that you imagine how you need you site to look like will be useful. It will also do good if showing the behaviour. It is recommended to list and divide the sites which you like and don’t like. This will save your valuable time.

Analysing key audiences

In eCommerce we have to focus the visitors and the returning customers. A prepared list of the audiences will lead you consider each one on what they actually want to do easily on your site and also what you really need them to do easily ob your site. eCommerce aims at the complete sale of products. Therefore mainly you front and the navigation page should contain almost direct ways that directs the customers to the products and also special offers.