e-Commerce vs m-Commerce


APR | 2015

ecommerce vs mcommerce

There are certain basic differences between e-commerce and m-commerce while considering their origin, nature of services, technologies offered. There is a great difference in the way people choose, access, buy and the usage of the mobile applications from which they behave on the web. The mobile users, when compared to PC users are on a move, little bit hurry and so get distracted soon. The service they look upon right here and now is without any long instructions, installation and loading time.

In the rapidly growing market place for the mobile apps the eCommerce development is in a lead. Most of the people consider m-commerce as a direct extension of the ecommerce. But we believe that this extension will have a larger and a stronger impact on the day to day routines of the people or the consumers that affects mostly on the businesses. We say this as an explosion than an extension. This is due to the below mentioned reasons.

  • Intimate with mobile phones compared to computers.

  • Location do not limit in case of mobile phones but not computers.

  • Without the use of PC and with the use of mobile phones we could buy anything from anywhere with the use of internet.

  • There is no limitation for m-commerce by the barriers that is faced initially by the ecommerce for the consumers.

  • Differences

  • Major characteristics of m-commerce is its high cost. In telecom industry there is almost free internet access in the ecommerce field.

  • M-commerce is added with the advantages like simplicity, time tactic and location-specific when compared with ecommerce.

  • For simple transactions and time sensitive like purchasing movie tickets, travel reservations, banking etc this is a better choice.

  • Using wireless providers the services of the m-commerce are delivered within a limited specific region. Whereas ecommerce, its wide access over the internet makes any of its service available in the global markets.