eCommerce Applications

eCommerce And Its Applications

Applications of ecommece and its development is an unavoidable factor in the present day today life.

eCommerce is an area which is used in various fields of business like wholesale, retail as well as manufacturing unit. eCommerce is a subset of the e-business that concerns commerce. The activity of the exchange of goods and services with some or the other kind of payment methods can be intended as commerce. eCommerce world is an application of information sharing among business trading basically online commercial transaction with clients. Ecommerce is categorized into six major types they are:

1. Business-to-Business
2. Business-to-Consumer
3. Business-to-Administration
4. Consumer-to-Consumer
5. Consumer-to-Business
6. Consumer-to-Administration

eCommerce development and its applications is an unavoidable sector in the present day today life. Given below are the most common eCommerce applications.

Retail & wholesale

There are numerous applications for retail as well as wholesale in case of ecommerce. Here comes e-retailing or may be called as online retailing. This refers to the selling of goods and other services through electronic stores from business to consumers. These are designed and equipped using shopping cart model and electronic catalog.


Using web and ecommerce, data collection about the following are possible

1. Preferences
2. Behaviour
3. Needs
4. Buying patterns

The marketing activities like price fixing, product feature and its enhancement, negotiation, and the relationship with the customer can be made using these.


eCommerce is being used by the financial companies to a large extent. By the name finance we know that there will be customers and transactions. The customers can check the balance in their savings account, as well as their loan account. There are features like transferring of money from and to their own accounts, paying of bills online and also e-banking. Online stock trading is also another feature of ecommerce.


eCommerce is included and used in the chain operations (supply) of a company. There are companies that form electronic exchange. This is by providing buying and selling items together, trading market information and the information of runback office like inventory control. This is a way that speeds up the flow of finished goods and the raw materials among the business community members.


eCommerce customer to customer is direct selling of goods among customers. It includes electronic auctions that involve bidding system. Bidding allows prospective buyers to bid an item. In Airline Company they give bidding opportunity for customers to quote the price for a seat on specific route, date and time.


eCommerce application is widely used in entertainment area also for video cataloging, multiplayer games, interactive ads and for online discussion.


In educational training also ecommerce has major role for interactive education, video conferencing, online class and for connecting different educational training centers.

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