eCommerce and eMarketing


MAY | 2015

eCommerce and eMarketing

Electronic commerce or eCommerce can be defined as the selling and buying of the goods and services through the internet. E-marketing also called as electronic marketing is the shifting of the marketing strategies and their activities to a network environment called as internet. It includes the process of creating, promoting, distributing and the rating of the goods and the related services over the world wide network to the market targeted. This is been done through digital wireless tools. Examples are pocket PC’s and cell phones.

If the website is a well developed one then it will attain a long term success. Here we have given some points that have to be considered while developing website for your business.

  • Registration of domain name

  • Designing website

  • Payment solutions

  • Hosting website

  • Traffic coverage

There are some reasons why we should consider about both ecommerce development and e-marketing while the start up of the business. Most of the people will have a look on the internet as a research of the products and the services before they purchase it or avail the service. This count is increasing day by day. For making the sales it is not at all necessary to have a shop in every nook and corner of a high street. Also there is no need to design, print and distribute exciting and expensive brochures and catalogues for the marketing of the goods and services, repeating of the same process to reflect the changes.

People will be happy in using your website and undertaking the chores all by themselves.eCommerce development and eMarketing has to be considered in a broader sense if you own a website. By using its services there are chances for increasing the revenue of the country, by creation of the job opportunities, expanding and marketing internationally and locally.