eCommerce Analytic tools


APR | 2016

eCommerce Analytic tools

Web analytic tool is to measure the interaction between the user and the website to improve the interactions and to analyze the way to increase more users to the site. The eCommerce analytics tool can monitor the traffic from social media, PPC advertisement (Pay Per Click), email marketing, and directly to the site. Mainly the goal is, to improve the interaction between users and website, to get more traffic to the website, to sell the products and services and to get high reputation to the site.

Here are some eCommerce tools for you,

  • Google Analytics

  • Google analytics is one of the most popular tool that used by the website owners and there are some benefits for Google analytics like, there are number of tutorials that explains how to use that tool. Therefore there is no need of support from any other. The only drawback of this tool is, you want spend more time to get better results.

  • KISSmetrics

  • The company offers powerful analytics tool that gives relevant information that helps to increase the customer acquisition. KISSmetrics have the ability to track the time takes a user to convert and engagement metrics.

  • Webtrends

  • Webtrends have more than 3500 clients and this is another important tool for eCommerce business. Webtrends have mainly the information and data about the social media and mobile. Webtrends is like a leader in digital marketing intelligence.

  • RetentionGrid

  • RetentionGrid is a popular eCommerce analytics solution to monitor and its main advantage is that it provides the data in an easy understandable manner like color coded graphs. They provide the suggestions like what kind of marketing works or which campaign will work more effectively etc by analyzing the visitors.