DrasPhone - A Foldable Smartphone


Jul | 2015


R&D Core Limited has come up with a concept for a foldable phone called Drasphone. Drasphone is a touch screen Smartphone that you could fold up. It can be folded to a mini-phone that allows the user to check message, time, and other notification. DrasPhone comes with flexible display and four part body connected by the display and three articulated hinges. DRAS stands for “Digital Resistive Area Sensing” that surpasses difficulties and limitations of capacitive touch screens.

Its some features are,

  • The sensor is put behind the flexible display

  • Multi-Touch

  • Truly flexible and rollable

  • Finger force sensing

  • No calibration required

  • Extremely thin

  • Consumes little power

  • It can be folded in three modes, fully unfolded, partially folded to become Mini-Dras and fully folded to become Micro-Dras.In Micro-Dras mode ,there is a small section of display which allows you to have all your notification and relevant data. Drasphone consumes very low power so users easily carry it anywhere without fear of running out of battery. They also claimed that material used has been tested many times and not show significant damage, because the material used are made with high elasticity. There are a number of complications that make it difficult for these devices to cross into reality. Batteries, processors, sensors, cameras, and all the other components that drive our high-tech electronics would need to be flexible as well. The designers and R&d Core Ltd were really thinking outside the box with this concept offering.