Classified Website Development

Classified Website Development

Advertisements play a key role in the success of any business, and online marketing is no exception – Who knows this better than us? The team Yarddiant, famed for responsive and aesthetic websites, are also pioneers in developing full-fledged classifieds websites where the users can place classified advertisements to lure prospective customers.  Our classified website offers a whole lot of services for entrepreneurs, marketers, and advertisers to promote their work and target potential customers.

We offer a comprehensive, customized classifieds package for all range of customers in accordance with their needs.

So, what kind of classifieds website you want?

Are you someone who is in search of the right job, or an employer in need of a perfect candidate, or an automobile reseller who wants to target ideal buyers?  Worry not- Our clients are spoilt for choice – Our classified website builder team is proficient in building prolific responsive and interactive websites according to the client requirement, which draws more traffic to the business. The classified script helps you to start your own type of classified ads or listing website within few minutes.

100% Responsiveness

Mobile website traffic is a reality and a cent percent responsive design only can ensure customer satisfaction which is quite instrumental in increasing the conversions. Our custom-built responsive, with a cutting edge design, gratifies range of customers, regardless of their device platforms.

Yarddiant has always been proficient in administrating the best practices of responsive web design with amazing template that will make sure that your website offers optimal viewing experience across all devices.

One size fits all!

Social Networks Gives an Edge

Implementing social networking functionality on a classifieds website can build up. For instance, Single sign-on (SSO) or Social login provides accurate information about the user and can target personalized content to the person.

Robust Search System

By incorporating advanced search tool with category filters, the user will get access to the preferred products/ services with just a single click. Not to forget, optimized and faster search options make the site user-friendly and will increase your conversion rate.

24/7 Technical Support

Our experts will assist you with removing bugs and boost efficiency.

Timely Updates

Our clients will get a detailed project report status and updates on accomplished and pending milestones.

Monetize your Site

Secure Payment gateway integration

Integrated with a secure and robust payment gateway system, guarantees each transaction easy and safe. Besides ensuring user privacy, the system secures your data and prevent it from being stolen.

Paid Advertisement option

 The user can generate greater revenue through multiple options including paid and featured advertisements. Besides, placing free ads, premium advertisement options can increase visibility and can generate leads and sales for your business.

Features of a Classified Website

Advanced Content Management System
Integrated with a robust content management system, allows the user to utilize the extensive and terrific customization features to its full extent, ensuring complete control over the content creation and management of the website. Paired with powerful content and strategically proven SEO techniques, marketing the website has never been easier!

Secure Payment Gateway Services

Teamed with customized payment gateway modules, the payment gateway makes transaction hassle-free and help the classifieds website accept multiple currencies more easily and ensures a high- secure check- out the procedure for the customers. Another option is there to save the card details as they don’t need to go through the entire procedure for future transactions.

Advertiser Categories

Provides a more organized way where categories and subcategories are listed under the classified section based on the location, which allows the user to browse the particular section easily. The admin can easily manage and create the categories, strategize it according to its popularity and more.

Advertisement Management

On- page advertising posting form with customizable fields, the core feature of a classified website which helps the admin to earn more revenue from the website. The admin can manage the advertisements, both general and specialized ads the same way and also can change its features in accordance with their requirement.

Spam Detection

E-Mail and SMS verification or the usage of Captcha can filter unsolicited and spam advertisements posted on the classifieds site and thereby protects the website from hoax ads.

Have a stress – free Classifieds Experience with Yarddiant!

We assure our users, a secure and quality user authentication services

Confirming User Identity

Email and Phone user account verification help to avoid threats, security breaches and malicious third party activities.

Forget Spams!

Measures were taken to prevent spamming and report junk and unsolicited advertisements.


SEO Friendly
Using Meta tags, proper keywords and the best tried and tested practices, our team will team will enhance your classifieds webpage ranking within the search engine results pages and drive significant traffic.

Advance Search Option
The widget allows the user to filter the results and conduct a flexible search based on the location and other requirements.

The template management system allows the admin to launch Email marketing, promotions or other messages to the users, which acts as a bridge between the admin, the sellers, and the buyers.

Report/ Favorite
The user can report a particular ad or they can mark an advertisement as their favorite and those ads will be listed under the section Favorites.

Ad Images
Anybody who places an ad on the classifieds website can add an appropriate image to it as it makes the ad more visually appealing and descriptive.

Location Search
Adding a Map or location to the advertisement makes it convenient and engaging for the user and helps them to avail services more easily.

Why us?
Yarddiant, the team of experts including programmers, designers and developers are best in creating a state-of-the-art strategy for a high quality, responsive website, driven by the objectives of both market and customers as well.

Let’s team up together to launch your classified website!

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