Choose PSD to WordPress for Better CMS Website Usability


JAN | 2017

Choose PSD to WordPress for Better CMS Website Usability

WordPress is an open source content management system which makes it a cost effective way of developing a website. This makes it ideal for small businesses and start-ups. When you convert PSD to HTML/WordPress you achieve a search engine friendly website. Professional developers manually code the website with semantic coding techniques to improve its visibility on the search engines. PSD to WordPress websites are cross-browser compatible which helps you target a large audience base.

Reasons to Choose WordPress to PSD Conversion

1. No Coding Skills

First and foremost it is very easy to manage and requires no coding skills. Once a developer has built a website using PSD to WordPress conversion you can manage it using a web-based interface. You won't be required to touch the code and make all changes using the admin of your WordPress CMS.

2. Unique Look

When you convert PSD to CSS/WordPress you get an absolutely unique website. It is a known fact that Photoshop is the best design platform in the world and you can design the look and the feel of your website the way you want. This can be themed around your business to help you connect with the audience immediately. The PSD or Photoshop files are then made web compatible using HTML and CSS.

3. Multi-Site Admin

If you have to manage multiple websites you can easily do that using the same admin in WordPress CMS. You can have unique look and functionality of these websites as they are completely independent of each other.

4. Remote Login

Since WordPress CMS can be accessed using the web it allows you to manage your website from anywhere in the world. You don't need to have HTML and CSS files along with you to manage a website like it was in the case of a traditional website. This provides you tremendous flexibility.

5. Customization

There is no end to the amount of customization that you can implement on a PSD to WordPress theme. You can make use of the hundreds of third-party plugins to improve the functionality of your website. These plugins also help in speeding up the development process.