Changes in SEO After Google’s Mobile Update


JUL | 2016

seo for google mobile update

Google announced that there will be change in search engine algorithm that favorable for mobile optimized websites. These changes came with worry across the web that businesses would lose rankings for failing to meet Google’s standards. In addition, companies had little time to make the changes with just a few months before the changes went into effect. If you are wondering about the changes in SEO after Google’s Mobile Update and you want to learn what you can do now, here are a few tips.

  • Losers and Winners

  • As a result of the update, there were some clear winners and losers. According to data published by,,, and other popular sites were some of the biggest losers in the list of sites that lost mobile SEO visibility. However, other sites such as,, and were some of the top sites that gained better mobile SEO visibility following the search engine algorithm update from Google. As demonstrated by the data, the difference between the sites that gained visibility and those that lost visibility was that the winners have well-optimized, mobile-friendly media strategy

  • Update Your Site to Responsive Design

  • The main purpose of the mobile update was to provide highly relevant and readable results for people that are using mobile devices to browse the web. Tap targets should be place appropriately so that they do not create horizontal scrolling issues or content that is inaccessible via the mobile device. All of these requests mean that responsive design is the solution for getting into compliance with Google’s requirements for mobile search. If you have not yet invested in a responsive design website, updating your website should be the first step. A qualified web designer can work with your business to provide results that will satisfy Google and will also live up to the User Experience expectations of your website visitors.

  • Preparing for Updates

  • The huge losses suffered by websites that failed to update to mobile-friendly design has indicated that website owners need to take Google’s warnings seriously. Some speculate that the changes were already being rolled out prior to the announcement. However, there is no way to prove or disprove this theory. If you want to stay ahead of the game, it is important that you work with a website designer hat keeps track of the latest changes that Google announces via the blog. In addition, it might also be a good idea to perform regular audits of your website. By performing audits you can determine which pages of your website are not up to the latest standards. Then, you can formulate an attack plan to deal with these problems as they arise instead of waiting until your website has lost rankings as the result of a mobile update.

  • Press Releases

  • Press release are still very effective for increasing awareness about your brand. If you want to publish new press releases for your business, make sure that you send them to media outlets.