Is it possible to create a Google blog?


Google Blog is a page you can create your own when you have a creative writing mind and interest. Google blog helps you to find your creativity by writing any topics and getting many followers. To start as a blogger, you need only your Google account. Setting a blog is very easy on your Google blog. There is no need of technical knowledge for setting up Google blog. Here are the procedures to start a Google blog for you

Need a Google Account

If you are using a Gmail account, it is easy to start with it. You need to sign it through Your Gmail account.

Start Blog

  1. You can go to to start your blog post. You can use any of the web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  2. You can see a sign in the box there in
  3. Sign in with your Google account
  4. Now you are on bloggers platform.

Get your account

After logging in by your mail id and password, you get into your platform and will get Google services. After getting in you will get your dashboard. Here you can see all your blog post and you will work here. The blogs which you are following access through your dashboard.

New blog

  1. From dashboard click new blog 
  2. From there click on create a new blog will appear
  3. For starting a topic first, you need to give your title in the title box
  4. Your title should be very important to attract your readers. It should be easy to remember also. It would be best if you found your niche. Your blog title and contents make your name or brand name well for your progress.

Make an address

After making a title, you need to create an address for your blog post and the address field you should type an easy and catching address in the address box. Like that URL should be clear and easy to access. It should be attractive and unique.

Choose Template

For writing the blog you should choose a template for posting the blog. There are a lot of sample templates in the dashboard. Choose any one of these. The theme can be changed later.

Start writing blog

After setting it, you can start writing your blog by clicking on the button, create a blog from the bottom of the window. So, choose a topic that helps to rank your post in search engine fastly. Make it simple for user readability and getting more readers.

Google blog vs. WordPress

When you are publishing a normal blog post, its simple and easy to share your ideas and thoughts. But you need to make money with more features; you should choose wordpress for better growth. WordPress platform helps you to simply build online content as well and began the growth as a blogging platform. wordpress development in blogs helps to create a professional blog and keeps its identity when compared to other blog development.
  1. WordPress has high SEO options
  2. Many plugins and themes
  3. Content Management System
  4. Support
  5. Open source and ease of use
  6.  No coding required