7 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Website


AUGUST | 2017

7 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Website

WordPress is an Open Source

Being an open source, WordPress is free to download and install, it only charge you for the premium themes or features you use. In WordPress we are getting a platform which is coded by number of experienced developers around the globe. These developers are working hard every day to make Wordpress services better, without paying you to get benefits.

WordPress provides different functionalities

In WordPress there are different varieties of functions. These functions are brought into action through plugins. Plugin are developed by many companies and organizations. The plugin ranges from a simple contact form to highly executable online store. These plugins are very easy to install and can be done in three simple clicks. There are plugins to create image or video galleries. Security and SEO plugins are found very effective.

Wordpress is optimized for Search Engines

In the current world 80 % of business conversion happens in digital media. SO every website owner is keen about the SEO strategies of their website. Wordpress maintain a good structure and architecture in-order to rank higher in search results. The responsive nature of Wordpress website produced better results in search engines.


Wordpress started as a simple blogging platform. But currently it evolved to become the best content management system in the world. This is mainly because of the flexibility of WordPress platform. Any type of websites can be built using WordPress. Using WordPress we can build variety of websites like real estate, eCommerce, social network, job portal and more


Many Users have a misunderstanding that WordPress is vulnerable because of its open source nature. Even if it is free platform, there are a huge number of online security analysts working behind it. This in turn makes it less vulnerable for hackers.


Wordpress is a highly customizable platform. It allows you to convert any design to a website by keeping all the logical structure. Even colors and images can be changed depending on your needs. This highly customizable feature made Wordpress one of the favorite CMS.