6 Common Mistakes That Ruin a Good eCommerce Website


JAN | 2017

Mistakes That Ruin a Good eCommerce Website

To make an eCommerce website successful, one not only needs an attractive website design but also an efficient promotional strategy to reach the target group. Other than this, one must also ensure a seamless navigation experience and an excellent checkout process to turn a prospect buyer into a customer. If you are planning to get an eCommerce website designed, it is always advisable to hire an expert eCommerce development company as they know how to do it perfectly. Here are 6 common mistakes that ruin a good eCommerce website:

Poor Landing Page

The home page or the landing page linked to a running ad campaign should be perfectly designed. The page on which the prospect buyer comes first is the simply like the face of the eCommerce website. Most of the eCommerce website developers spend maximum time on designing the home pages and landing pages, as it tells the complete story of the eCommerce website - its brand value, reliability and trust factor which the buyers develop with time.

A poor landing page with a complex navigation design and irrelevant links/tabs will only confuse the prospect buyer, and she or he will abandon shopping without wasting a second.

Poor Product Page Design

The product page is the most important section for any eCommerce website design as it plays a crucial role in turning prospect buyer into a customer. A well-designed product page can boost the conversion rates and improve the buying experience without any hassle.

Slow Loading

An eCommerce website shouldn't take more than 3 seconds to load completely. Websites which are too slow to load will lose the interest of the potential buyer, and it may lose the business to one of the competitors with better loading speed and time.

No SEO Optimization

While getting an eCommerce website designed, one should spend quality time with a digital marketing expert to know how to make the website SEO-friendly. It is very important to make your eCommerce website search friendly if you really want to increase traffic, sales and conversion rates.

Missing SEO Optimization for your eCommerce website will leave you in pain. Though, you don't need to convey this message to an expert eCommerce website development company, as they design SEO-friendly websites only.

Missing Social Media Plug-ins

A large chunk of your eCommerce potential customers is available on the social media platforms. And hence, overlooking the need of social media plug-ins is one of the biggest mistakes that ruin a good e-commerce website. Every eCommerce website must include social media plug-ins for Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.

Irrelevant Content/Images

Don't add irrelevant content and images on your eCommerce website as it may send wrong product information in the mind of the potential buyer. As a result, your eCommerce website will have a significant decrease in sales and conversion rate. Always focus on serving buyers with quality content, relevant product information, and images.