5 Reasons Why Mobile SEO Still Matters


SEP | 2016

mobile seo matters

As the number of options for mobile advertising increase, along with Google’s mobile Adwords placements, many people wonder whether it is even still worth it to focus on SEO if paid search listings on mobile are becoming an attractive alternative. However, if your goal is to grow traffic to your business overall, you should resist the idea that you have to choose one over the other.

Here are 5 reasons why mobile SEO still matters and why you should continue to invest in it.

1. The Top Mobile Organic Search Listing Still Receives 73% More Clicks

A study done by Mediative, a digital marketing agency, found that the first organic search listing in Google mobile search results received 73% clicks than the first and second sponsored listings. This figure confirms the fact that organic search results are still of interest to users even when there are paid search options available. In fact, it also shows that you could probably use SEO to drive better results than paid advertising on mobile, at least when it comes to Google.

2. Most Users Only Click the Top 4 Mobile SEO Organic Search Results

This study also found that people were unlikely to click on any other mobile results beyond the 4th organic search result. In light of this finding, this also means that your mobile SEO strategy needs to be top-notch if you want to see results from your investments in your mobile search strategy. Focus on ranking your business for keywords that make it possible for you to achieve top rankings. Going after competitive keywords that you don’t have the budget or strategy to achieve top rankings for could really hurt your business when it comes to mobile search. However, even the most competitive keywords of the keywords that you are trying to rank for may still be attractive for desktop searches because more of the top search results are reviewed and considered by desktop users.

3. Organic Search Is Better for Bringing in Non-Brand Search Traffic

A third result of the study found that organic search was actually the better option for attracting paid search traffic. Only 8 percent of the clicks that went to paid search were from searches without brand keywords. However, over 56 percent of non-brand search clicks were from organic searches.

4. Mobile SEO Goes Beyond Google’s Search Results

The number of mobile search users is growing as people increasingly turn to non-desktop devices to perform regular search activities, as well as, to view multimedia content. As a result, you also shouldn’t forget that mobile search optimization goes beyond the top Google search results.