4 Most Important SEO Tasks You Should Prioritize


JUN | 2016

SEO Prioritize

Getting top rankings for your website in the search engines means that you must continuously focus on improving your SEO strategy. The search engine algorithms are continuously changing and something that is working today may not work as well in the future. As a result, you need to make sure that you always place SEO as one of your top priorities when it comes to online marketing. Here are the 8 most important SEO tasks for you to prioritize.

  • Upgrade to a Responsive Design

  • Since Google made the push towards promoting mobile-friendly sites over all other sites, it is important that you have a responsive design for your website. These days, more searches take place on mobile than desktop and if you don’t want your site to receive lower rankings in the search engines, you have to improve your site by using responsive design.

  • Setup Google Analytics

  • If you want to get the best results from your SEO efforts, you absolutely cannot do this without tracking your efforts. Make sure that you properly set up Google Analytics so that it is tracking your website. This also means that you need to go beyond the basic to track your sales funnels and conversion goals.

  • Fix Technical SEO Issues

  • Once you have your site setup, you need to start by fixing technical SEO issues. Remove broken links and duplicate content from your site. Then, make sure that each page of your site is appropriately optimized for your keywords and contains proper title tags and other metadata. You need to do this on a continuous basis as Google updates its algorithm so that you make sure that your site is always following the latest recommendations.

  • Make Sure that Your Site Is Indexed

  • If you have been doing SEO for your site for sometimes, it is possible that your website, or certain pages on your site are not indexed. Check your website with Google Console to ensure that all pages of your site are actually indexed and have not received any penalties from Google.