3 Tips for Developing WordPress Website


FEB | 2017

wordpress website development

Developing a website primarily needs two basic things namely; user-friendly design and then efficient and functional coding. These both elements are entirely incomplete without each other and the reason being is that excelling of both these elements is highly important. Developing a stunning design can be a test of creativity with which everyone is not blessed. Coding a design needs to have a profound knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript. Therefore, most of the people can get expertise in creating a PSD image, but coding can be a bit of challenge for them.

Those who are non-technical or non-programmers, the community of open source has offered a perk to them namely; WordPress. It is nothing, but a high user-friendly content management system as well as it is also an open source web developing tool, thus it is also widely used for developing a high-quality website. Using WordPress, developing a website is a bit of daunting task. Thus, in order to alleviate this issue, there are 5 simple steps following which one can convert PSD to WordPress template.

3 tips for developing WordPress website

Tip 1:

The very basic step of PSD to WordPress conversion is the process of slicing. As the name suggests, slicing simply refers to cutting and segmenting the image design file in various design files and each of them will have the different design component of the overall design. This process is highly lucrative because the entire design is not coded to the single image. Within the website, multiple images are combined together in which each of the content and features will bestow its own functionality.

Tip 2:

After the completion of the process of slicing with the image editor software just follow the process by cutting the pixel perfect images. Most of the designers also prefer using the Adobe photoshop or a similar alternative for an ease such as Microsoft paint. However, Adobe Photoshop is the option which makes the whole task facile and easy to organize.

Tip 3:

Most of the designers will make the website with the aid of any graphic software so that they can avail the layered image creation such as Photoshop. A user can also develop design files which are dividing into a plethora of components into various layers. This way it can be an effective process, but still, it is highly imperative for a user to dig out the complete process.

Thus, following these easy tips, a designer can develop a Photoshop to WordPress website and can fulfill the requirements of their clients or personal needs as well.