3 Main Points to Make a Successful Ecommerce Website Design


JAN| 2017

3 Main Points to Make a Successful Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce is the latest mode of web shopping which people are moving up to and opting in their shopping method these days. So, if you as a business wish to web savvy and create an eCommerce website design for yourself, the following attributes need to be taken care of:

1. Easy Navigation of Website

While you are selling your products, you have to make sure the shopper can locate his/her products easily. Everyone has to be able to locate the products easily from your eCommerce web design. If the customer has to search a lot many options in tracking his product, he might just end up frustrated and not buying it from your website.

There are always some challenges faced in the navigation of pages because of the number of products that are put up on the site. Larger departmental stores need to be especially careful with their navigation as finding the exact product with more options becomes increasingly difficult. A lot of user testing needs to be done in order to match the product navigability with the user's convenience.

The best method for an eCommerce website designer to do is to use the drop down menu keeping main categories on the scroll and then sub diving each section accordingly. Or else, one could try the Nike website, a vertical menu bar with the main category and list the individual sub-categories accordingly in each section.

2. Design should not Overpower Products

The main concern in eCommerce website design is the product to be purchased. While you need to keep a fairly good layout, the design should not loom over the necessities and properties of the product. An extravagant design would draw attention on the layout more than the product and do more harm than good. Your design should not draw away the attention from the product. Try and place a display which thinks of a sleek design with a minimalistic approach, so that products do not have to compete for the attention of the customers.

3. Easy Checkout

It is very critical to have an easy checkout from the website after successful shopping. If there are too many steps or processes that are involved in the checkout procedure, it might lead to the customer's canceling his shopping cart and logging out without shopping anything. Involve minimum amount of steps in the process of checking out and so that the customer can easily check out after shopping.

For instance, you can see White and Warren putting up their contents in the customer's shopping cart and asking if the customer wants to continue shopping or checkout. For those who wish to checkout, they can easily log in creating a new account or as an existing user from this eCommerce web design.