10 Ways to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts


DEC| 2016

10 Ways to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts

Most of the blogs that you'll find online would be allowing you to give a link to your website as well. This is a good way of getting an easy backlink to your site. Blog commenting is something even experienced webmasters still use. If you haven't tried it till now, then it's just your ignorance about things that you can do to increase the number of backlinks to your site.

Some blogs will be moderating comments and hence you won't see your comments on those sites if you post irrelevant comments. So, before you post an internet blog comment, make sure you read the post from top to bottom. Doing so, you would be surely learning something new. And this will help you to write fresh content for your sites as well. But don't go for copy pasting - write on your own.

Posting a relevant niche WordPress blog comment post has some other benefits as well. When you post an informative niche blog comment post, people will be getting a better impression of you. And this will prompt them to visit your website in return.

Blog commenting can bring in a lot of one way, quality backlinks if you post comments in relevant blogs that match the niche that you are targeting. For example, if your site is related to football, then comment in blogs related to sports and not on business blogs. Here are 10 ways to get more comments on your WordPress blog posts.

1. Use Comment Moderation Instead of Captcha

2. Allow Users to Subscribe to Comments

3. Notify Users on Replies to Their Own Comments

4. Show Newest Comments First

5. Turn on Comments for Old Posts

6. Showcase Your top Commenters

7. Display Recent Comments

8. Allow Users to Rate and Share Comments

9. Notify Users When Their Comment is Approved

10. Reply to User Comments