10 Things You MUST DO Before Changing WordPress Themes


AUGUST | 2017

10 Things You MUST DO Before Changing WordPress Themes

Websites act as digital portraits of every business. If you are maintaining a website, the first step is to make a practice of backing up the website regularly. It’s best to can create a backup once in every week or just before and after making changes to the wordpress website. Back up of daily blog, weekly news will do good for corporate websites. When it comes to wordpress it is quite easy to take backup of websites. Many Wordpress plugins are available to do this in a systematic way. We can also develop a new plugin of our own manner if we don’t find any.

Keep the Website updated

Considering the security aspects of wordpress, it is necessary to keep the core. Also installed themes and plugins should be updated on a regular basis. Very often Wordpress brings out its new version to implement advanced features and security. What you should do is, update wordpress plugins and themes along with core wordpress file at regular intervals.

Elimination of Plugins which are not used

Plugins bring different functionalities to Wordpress websites. But the over usage of plugin will affect the efficiency and security of website. So it is important that you should delete the plugins that are not used.

Security of Wordpress websites

This is a major factor that every Wordpress website owner should consider. In the case of wordpress, Every updates deal with certain security issues, SO it is very mandatory to keep the wordpress core updated. Also many wordpress plugins protects websites from malwares. Change the default username and use a password that is not guessable. Password has to be selected with the combination of capital, small letters, special characters and numbers. Disable the file editing option and limit the number of login attempts. Find the best wordpress security plugin and activate in your website

Optimization of Database

All the content will be stored in the database including blogs, videos, images etc. Images and content will goes on increasing and the database will be stuffed with these additional data. This will affect the speed of website. Optimization of database is the option to increase the speed. This can be done by using plugins, which also optimize the underlying MYSQL databox table.

Website Speed

If you provide fast loading pages, it will attract more visitors. So, while maintaining the wordpress website you should work on all the options to increase speed of the website.