10 things a WordPress Plugin Developer Need to Know


OCT | 2016

wordpress plugin development

The WordPress is a potentially active software application proven of rapidly escalating profits earned by the development of websites. The WordPress plugin is a tool which are used to improve the process of WordPress development and in order to utilize the segment of the plugin judiciously, one should be aware of these things:

1. The process of WordPress plugin creation should never be stopped, whenever needed interactive plugin must be hand written or virtually created to optimize the workings of the respective business enterprises.

2. The developmental speed of creating a WordPress plugin should be accelerated using the applications which cater the same such as the Ubiquity which is an application that makes the creation of plugin easy via combining the formats of search on the search engines.

3. If the WordPress plugin developer lands into a sort of dilemma for the creation of an apt plugin then he shall consider the fact search through the ideas which are placed in the software toolbar helpful in the generation of the plugin.

4. Some of the free plugins can also be downloaded in order to get a better overview of what type of plugin to create and the ideas directed towards the approach of designing and framing the plugin for the business.

5. The plugin developers of WordPress should ensure that the plugin especially if manually written should be tested before loading onto the website since if any trouble initiated, it can be solved through the plugin deactivation possibilities.

6. It is important for the WordPress plugin developer to make the use of his plugin popular and assert its promotion on the search engines via blogs and posts with the name and URL of the particular plugin attached.

7. The testing of the compatibility of the WordPress plugin created is also important because without proper connection with the online users the objective of the plugin dissolves.

8. A WordPress plugin developer needs to be certain about the security of his plugin and is required to use sites which check the cross-site request of forgery basically the CSRF sites which shall be known to the developer for a tight tracking of the plugin in order to prevent it from hacking.

9. The WordPress plugin is created with codes either handwritten or made with software, they need to be activated in asset procedure so as to keep it accessible for the people.

10. A javascript should be the loading base of the WordPress plugin with a localized script, easy to understand by the net users and also making them compatible enough.