10 Best Fashion Bloggers We Love – 2016


AUG | 2016

best fashion bloggers

Here are 10 best fashion bloggers that we ranked in terms of beauty, experience, passion and stats from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. This list is substantially different from any other and we gave more importance to those who have more influence in searches. Now bloggers gained the celebrity status and they are influential in consumer purchasing decisions.

Southern Curls and Pearls

caitlin blogger

Caitlin was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her fun, suitcase travel lifestyle and fresh southern style.With a figure that nearly looks as though her long, bouncy locks will topple her over, everything she puts on looks more darling than the last. You’d want to hate her if she weren’t so stinkin’ sweet.

Covington is no stranger to the Upstate. After graduating from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, she moved to Greenville and worked in PR at local marketing agency, Crawford Strategy. Several years and 410,000 Instagram followers later, Covington is back in North Carolina making a name for herself not only in the Southern fashion world, but worldwide for her relatable fashion inspiration.

www.southerncurlsandpearls.com | @cmcoving

Boho Style File

boho style

Who says high fashion is only in the big cities? Greenville fashionista Jenny Hall runs Boho Style File and we dare you to compare her to her metropolitan colleagues. As its title would suggest, Hall’s style has a bohemian feel, with tons of prints, textures, layers and color.

Hall regularly features pieces from Upstate boutiques and businesses, creatively mixing fashion with food, florals and fun with a local flair that makes her looks both accessible, relatable and inspiring. It’s added fun to figure out which cool Greenville walls, gates and cityscapes make it into her photos.

www.bohostylefile.com | @bohostylefile

Laila Loves

laila blogger

Laila Daho was born and raised in London, UK. Her blog name is "Laila Loves" it covers fashion, lifestyle, beauty, fashion shows and travel. In 2015, she has won the Blogger awards for the UK top travel blogger.

She’s had success both on YouTube, with more than 140,000 subscribers, and Twitter, where she had more than 220,000 followers. She shares about her lavish lifestyle of using private jets, 7-star hotels, mansions, supercars tours and family holidays.

http://lailaloves.co.uk | @lailaloves

Extra Petite

extra petite

While we are far from petite, we still love Jean from Extra Petite’s preppy New England style. Standing just under 5 feet tall, she offers great insights for small-statured girls but showcases looks that translate just as well to Amazonian women and everyone in between. And while we’re not quite sure where it all goes, Jean’s Instagram features drool-inducing food and drink with flair.

www.extrapetite.com | @extrapetite

Blake von D

blake von

Free-spirited, color-loving, bold and daring Blake Von D is just so cool. An attorney from Chicago, Von D sports a super-short white-blonde haircut that sets the perfect stage for her fun, fearless style. Her Instagram feed seamlessly mixes fashion, interiors, art, and architecture with an underlying penchant for color and pattern. Hey Blake: us, too!

www.blakevond.com | @blakevond

Hello Fashion Blog

hello fashion

We love to start our day by saying “Hello!” to Hello Fashion Blog. This mom of three drifts effortlessly between pretty and polished to casual-street chic. Her adorable kiddos (and very handsome hubby) are regulars on her blog; she even posts men’s and kids’ fashion faves, too, so the whole family can be stylin’ together!

www.hellofashionblog.com | @ hellofashblog



We don’t live in Dallas so we can’t be Courtney Kerr’s BFF, but her blog, Kerrently, makes it feel like we are. Kerr is every bit the relatable girl next door; the friend you ask about that trend you read about in a magazine because you know she’s already on top of it. It’s a true lifestyle blog; Kerr also posts about interiors, entertainment and beauty.

www.kerrently.com | @thecourtneykerr

Yasmin Swann

yasmin blogger

Yasmin Swann, a young girl lives in UK. Her main interests are like travelling, fine art, fashion and food. YouTube lifestyle Vlogger who is known for her Meet the Vloggers channel. She has posted vlog entries detailing her daily life. An eponymous blog was created by her, where she posts about her favorite lifestyle trends, beauty and fashion. Before launching her fashion blog she had only YouTube channel with more than 140,000 subscribers.

http://yasminswann.co.uk | @yasmin_swann

The Style Bungalow

style bungalow

Life’s a beach in South Florida and following Stephanie with The Style Bungalow feels like a perpetual vacation. Her beach-chic fashion and lifestyle blog feels as fresh as a cold mojito. Whether you’re prepping for an island trip (or just want to pretend you are), The Style Bungalow has all of the espadrilles, off-the-shoulder tops, and flowing dresses your sun-loving heart can handle.

www.thestylebungalow.com | @thestylebungalow

Fashion Jackson

jackson style

If you prefer to invest in staple pieces rather than to-the-minute trends, Fashion Jackson is the blog for you. Amy Jackson maintains a classic aesthetic that is far from boring. Jackson helps bridge the gap between work-appropriate options and casual weekend looks while looking smart, fun, and chic.

www.fashionjackson.com | @fashion_jackson

Why Do People Love Fashion Blogs?

Why People Love Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs become popular through the influence of celebrities as these celebrities are considered to be most knowledgeable in fashion styling. Fashion blogs are also a forum where one can discover where a certain celebrity purchased their item of clothing from. Overall, it gives advice to an individual on the biggest styles and trends for a specific season.

Celebrity orientated blogs are always popular with the general masses. 'Frugal Fashionista' is a blog that utilises a celebrity look. The actress, Gwyneth Paltrow puts a focal point on fashion consciousness and provides any reader with the essential information on the traditional origins of fashion.

Other fashion blogs are rated highly as the writers of the blog are held to have a passion for fashion through their unique take on the fashion industry. 'The Cherry Blossom Girl' which is written by a French designer prefers to give an artist's view of fashion through the photographs of the French writer/designer Alix and uses him as a fashion model. It provides a creative, unheard look on fashion from someone who clearly loves what practice.

Writers of other fashion blogs are held to have a passion for fashion for a different take on the fashion industry. 'The Cherry Blossom Girl' which is written by a French designer gives an artist's view of fashion through the pictures taken by French writer/designer Alix who she uses as a fashion model. It provides a creative, unseen take on fashion from an individual who clearly adores what they practice. 'The Satorialist' is a blog of the fashion buyer Scott Schuman who uses his photography taken in New York to tell a story about fashion.

A Fashion blog can also be popular if the reader can associate themselves with the writer and enjoy their writing. 'GoFugYourself' is a blog with a comedic element from two girls who have covered fashion week in New York and comment on celebrity styles in a way that makes the reader listen. 'Fashion Toast' hosts a readership from those in their twenties but is also appropriate for an older group for that source of inspiration.

The fashion blog is not only about style. It also has a degree of emotional connect. Life experiences are cleverly leveraged by the most proficient bloggers without detracting from style and fashion. This makes their blogs imminently readable and draws the reader in. Bloggers draw in their audiences with interesting sections like 'again and again", "faceoff" "caption this" and much more. They have a fun and informative style of writing which makes for the extraordinary success of fashion blogs.

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